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Our High Dollar

Besides having implications for BCs pot industry (which tends to export a lot of product to the US) the Canadian dollar SHOULD have some effect on our imports - namely consumer goods should be cheaper.

Our finance minister has been putting pressure on retailers to actually give Canadians goods at a price equal to that of the US. Now, the all-powerful retailers (including, presumably, Wal-Mart who is able to guarantee “lower prices every day”) are saying that no, its not retailers that should be pressured - no, the culprits for high prices in Canada are actually manufacturers; and THOSE are the people who need to be pressured.

This is the bit I don’t understand - Consumers are pressuring their goods suppliers for lower prices. Should not THESE consumers, therefore, do the exact same thing and demand lower prices from THEIR suppliers? Isn’t that they way the chain is supposed to work?

I can’t pressure Lipton (makers of crappy soup) to drop prices without also pressuring retailers - what can I do? Still buy Lipton products but ask, pretty please, can you lower prices?

No, the only power I have is to bitch and moan and NOT BUY as much stuff. Sorry if that puts pressure on you too retailers, but that’s the only way I can get to YOUR suppliers.