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In a Gigantic Display of Inconvenient Timing

Just some 5 minutes or so after I posted that Google or Microsoft might get some stock in Facebook, CNET confirmed that Microsoft won.

Microsoft’s getting a 1.6% share for something like a quarter of a billion dollars (which values Facebook at $15 Billion total). Other terms of the deal are similar to what was reported earlier (so, an exclusive Microsoft advertising deal).

Frankly, I don’t see why Facebook doesn’t just sell out completely - it’s only a matter of time until this social networking bubble bursts; I seem to be running into more and more people who’re frustrated with Facebook and interacting with it less - it won’t be the ubiquitous “go to” network for forever.

Apparently Facebook is making a major “Advertising Related Announcement” on November 6th. I imagine it’s something related to the monetization of applications (since, “Places You’ve Been” has to start making some money sometime…), but I suppose we’ll see (or just wait 5 minutes, so CNET can report all the details… haha)

Here’s the CNET article with some more details