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Come on Baby, I’ve Tried to Treat you Good

Why you gotta play me like dat?

Notice anything different about this post?

Maybe… I’m writing it in IE instead of Firefox.

Why would I use the spawn of the devil? Well, because it seems to WORK RIGHT at the moment…

My Firefox install has been acting crazy for at least a MONTH. Besides taking a shit on my bookmarks file (at least it auto-creates backups of it…) it seems to be refusing to recognize when I’m in text boxes.

”””””””””””””” see those? Those are apostraphies - I can’t use those in Firefox. Every time I hit that key, the “Quick Search” dialong box comes up.

I think Firefox 3 is coming out at the end of November… let’s hope that fixes some of this stuff up…

I mean, for browsing it’s pretty good, plug in Zotero and it becomes an unbelieveable research tool - but it’s just been freaking out lately, and I don’t have the time and patience to back up all my crap and reinstall right now.

EDIT: From the looks of things, there’re 7 “blockers” stopping Beta 1 from coming out (according to the latest weekly meeting at Firefox HQ).