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At Least I’ve got the Trick Over With… Where’s the Treat?

So, yesterday afternoon I fell asleep for probably 5 hours. This was undoubtedly a bad move.

I didn’t get to sleep until 8:45 this morning - giving me about an hour and a half or so of sleep until I have to wake up for my morning class today, which is at 11:00.

Buzz Buzz


Buzz Buzz

SHIT, it’s 10:45 and I’ve got to be in class by 11:00!

After a furious race around my room, and to campus, I manage to burst through the classroom door just 1 minute late.

Fuck. My class starts at 11:30… Pretend I’m in this class, or sheepish retreat?


Let’s hope that’s it for the tricks today…

EDIT: When I went to class at 11:30, someone from the St. Jeromes student union gave out treat bags. Fucking win.