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So Glad They Were There to Help

This seems like exactly the sort of organization we’d fundraise to support in highschool.

Some no-name off-brand pack of people with the best intentions but no idea what they’re actually doing.

The group that I’m referring to operated in Darfur, they were there to “rescue war orphans”. Of the 103 children they collected, 91 of them had family members that they considered to be a parent (so, maybe not their biological mother, but an aunt that they recognized as their mother).

Now the rest of the world gets caught with their mess - somehow they’ve got to get all of these mostly 3-5 year old children back where they came from - too bad they weren’t carrying ID…

Making everything look oh-so-much-worse, most of the kids were going to be living with people who’d made substantial (more than $3000) donations to the charity.

I also read in another article that it seemed like they pretty much put a bounty up for children - they offered cash incentives for bringing in orphans. What sort of a numskull doesn’t realize that a policy like that encourages people to find and take children - be they orphan or just playing on the street.

Big heats, small brains.

BBC article