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Doc, I’ve got a Perscription… and it’s for more Cheerleader

Yeah, apparently drug companies hire cheerleaders to be salespeople.

In an interview, Mr. Reidy remembered a sales call with the “all-time most attractive, coolest woman in the history of drug repdom.” At first, he said, the doctor “gave ten reasons not to use one of our drugs.” But, Mr. Reidy added: “She gave a little hair toss and a tug on his sleeve and said, ‘Come on, doctor, I need the scrips.’ He said, ‘O.K., how do I dose that thing?’ I could never reach out and touch a female physician that way.”

It goes on, near the article, about some doctors who couldn’t tell the difference between flirting and the sales pitch.

I completely agree that it’s grossly inappropriate to say, “She had it coming” as an excuse for sexual assault… but when flirting IS the pitch, you’ve got to feel at least a little sorry for the doctors.