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Haha, Cool!

I set up Google Analytics for the group a while back; but I’m the only one using it today.

The stats are pretty neat - sure enough, I’ve even got hits from Edmonton and Texas!

Within the last month…

The biggest referring site is; followed by Liam’s blog. Third biggest referring site is actually Tinglez’s blog (link in the sidebar). Admittedly, Tinglez’s blog is in a more distant third place, right along with Stu’s referral count.

Search engines account for absolutely no hits (which is fine by me, and the way I’d rather things stayed).

The most-visited post is my post titled, “You know… I might steal a baby…” (though this is a bit deceiving, as in general you can read all of my posts on the homepage; unless you comment you don’t even have to see the actual post page).