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Interview With a Vampire Music Executive

It’s interesting - it’s an interview with the CEO of Universial; the largest music company out there.

It’s talking about their blindness in the past and their current plan.

You can find it here.

Their current plan is “Total Access”. The idea is that, the next time you buy a music playing device, part of that purchase price goes directly into the pockets of the music execs, in return for unlimited access to their catalog. They want device manufacturers to pony up the cash for this, for the lifetime of the device (I don’t even want to THINK about how much this will raise the cost of music devices - or lower the already poor quality of music devices). Of course, a system like this needs DRM - the same thing that’s been causing them problems for years.

They never learn, do they?

(Not to mention the ethical problem of having to buy your music collection multiple times - your iPod, your PSP, your new “MP3 Player” in the den hooked up to the nice speakers - all of that would, since the price of the service is in the price of the device, require you to continually re-buy your music.)