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My God!

I now know why someone would choose to live in Florida - the southern united states, rife with miscounts and mishaps. Home to Disney World (Allright… that MIGHT not be a negative… but that’s about all I know about Florida).

Man… but you could live with all that.


It’s been a while since I last had grapefruit, but if memory serves it’s generally so sour that you either make your grapefruit look like your sugar bowl, or you play it tough and macho and tell everyone that they’re weak to need something like sugar. Either way, you never really ENJOY it.

But, my god, this girl gave me some grapefruit and oranges from a fundraiser that some of the teams here did - brought a truckload up straight from Florida. SOOO good. It was just lightly tangy, but the fruit actually had a bit of a sweet taste too… I now know why people even bother with the damn things.

I haven’t tried the oranges, they’re up next… :)