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(Yep… third post in a row to end with an exclamation point)

I know everyone’s seen pictures from space… personally, I find them a bit boring most of the time. How many different ways can you do, “Wow… the earth looks so small from way up there. It really IS a small world after all”?

This is actually the first time I’ve seen up close and personal pictures of what we’ve got up in space.

There’s some of the shuttle, and what I believe is the ISS (you can even see the Canadarm up there… still cute in its old age)

I donno; I find pics like this give me the “WOW” factor more than anything else… I mean, could you imagine working with just open air all around you; the earth beneath your feet? (WAY beneath your feet..); just such an OPEN area around you!

It’s like the opposite feeling of claustrophobia… like that feeling you get when you’re standing on the glass floor of the CN Tower, but much more so.