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I’m No Adbuster…

…but when you see things like this you just have to wonder if maybe the gap between the rich and the poor has gotten a bit too big.

The gist of this is that they’re going a bit loony in London… a few too many billionaires hang out there, and with the restrictive laws with regards to herritage buildings and an overall lack of space… all you can do is go down.

But this isn’t throwing some drywall up on the unfinished basement:

Few can compete with Chris Rokos, a secretive hedge-fund tycoon. The lavish plans for his eight-bedroom house in Notting Hill, submitted to the planners this month, include a gym, a home cinema, library, a third-floor open-air pool, an internal climbing wall, a subterranean garage with motorised lift for two cars and an 80ft-tall glass atrium. As if that’s not enough, Rokos, 36, plans to dig four storeys below ground to create a 16ft-deep swimming pool with high board. The 168-page application, currently being studied, will, if approved, make his home one of the grandest in the city.

I wasn’t sure I was going to post this, until I saw this paragraph:

“Even the most modest mews buildings are Tardis-like and have a car stacker. Most houses now have more space below ground than above it, due to stringent planning regulations.”

Fuck yeah. If you can’t see what is so truly awesome in that paragraph, I don’t even want to explain it to you :P

The amount of money being spent on this stuff is enough to make you weak in the knees, though. Truly crazy. I should hope to make as much money IN MY LIFETIME as what these people are spending on their garages…

Sure, part of me is saying, “Isn’t that so awesome?”… on the other hand, it’s just obscene amounts of cash to prove that one rich guy has more money then some other rich guy - it’s just a pissing contest. First one to hit lava wins!