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Artillery Review

A review of some water guns.

Looks like water gun technology has moved forward since I was a kid… :P

Don’t let one of the comment on the story put you off it…

Slate … you should be ashamed.

Let’s ignore the fact that squirt guns have an obvious sexual element … even without that, we’re simply promoting violence, every bit as much as shoot ‘em up videogames. Only with water guns you’re allowed to practice on live human targets. How sick is that?

I can’t think of a more sinister way to inculcate America’s youth into the gun culture than to popularize water guns as innocent harmless fun.

In fact, its practice for future street crime or war atrocities.

The excuse for squirting someone unexpectedly (“I just couldn’t resist”) no longer flies. I reserve the right to choose who, when, and where I will participate in squirting behavior with. its symbolic sexual assault if you don’t obtain my consent first.

–baltimore aureole

I DO agree that, by using water guns, you’re promoting violence EVERY BIT AS MUCH as by using violent video games. That is, not at all; or so close to nothing as to not matter.

As for it being “symbolic sexual assault” I’d like to put my symbolic foot up their symbolic ass… What sort of a jackass belittles something as serious as sexual assault by comparing it to a WATER GUN? That seems to me like comparing Robert Pickton to Grand Theft Auto… there’s just no way that you can equate pixels ceasing to exist with serial murder, and doing so is just disgusting.