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Editing History

I posted this previously on Jordan’s blog as a comment, but it seems relevant, so I’ll repost it:

Yeah, when I saw that the light had been shone on the RCG main page, I thought it was time to do some tidying up. The trouble with blogs is that your old posts, and your old feelings, are sitting there right next to your current posts.

Anyone can come in, and read a post you made from 4-5 years ago. If they don’t know any better, it would be so easy to assume that that old post still reflected your feelings today.

I’m sure I’ve posted things, long forgotten, that centered around small spats or in a fit of some passing anger. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that what I said 5 years ago (practically an eternity) had any relation to the person who I am today.

I’ve tried to be careful in the last few years - to not post in anger, to not post things that I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on the back of a post card, but I can’t be sure of that.

So I’m trying to review, to make sure that old posts are merely historical curiosities at best, to ensure that the me of five years ago, who was still in highschool in the small town of Stratford, could not be mistaken for the me of today.