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Bomb Disarmament

Man Over Radio: OK, you need to cut the GREEN wire

Bomb Tech: OK (snip)

Man Over Radio: But first, disable the timer. Otherwise it’ll blow up

Bomb Tech: FUUUUU (BOOM!!!)

Ugh. Earlier in the day I was over at DP. I had to get THREE reserves for a course’s assignment (each was about a chapter-long excerpt from another work). All three works were listed near the top of the assignment I had printed off of UWAce.

I get to question 4, on the second page: “Read Wellek’s article ‘Periods and Movements in Literary History’ and summarize its main points and arguments”.

Are you shitting me? It’s 9:30! I’ve got to change into real clothes now, and hike BACK to the library, because the prof was too lazy to let us know, “Oh, there are actually 4 reserves for this assignment” at the top of the page? How hard would that have been?

On the other hand, if I was living off campus, or it was after 11:00, I’d be much more pissed…

(NOTE: 11:00 is closing time tonight)