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Mooove Over Titanium

Cow bones are now good for more then making beef stock. Surgeons are now using their bones in human operations.

Whereas formerly titanium pins would be used in these cases, specially cleaned and processed cow bones are now rising in popularity. The reason is that the human body seems to react to these bone fragments in the same way that the body reacts to human bone fragments - it gradually integrates these bone “Screws” into the existing skeletal structure.

Also, it makes it easier to get through metal detectors :P

All this just makes me wonder - why do we have an opt-in donor system in Canada? Obviously humans would be the preferred source for these and other medical products - but there just isn’t enough supply to meet demand. People die every day on waiting lists for organs. The cruel irony is that someone in need of an organ might be laying in the morgue right next to a body that has the organ they required.

So, why is it that we have so few people opting-in to our donation system?

I think that, in most cases, people don’t sign organ donor cards because they don’t want to face their own mortality. Also, I believe that in almost all cases, the decision to donate organs ultimately rests with the family - who may not have been informed of the deceased person’s wishes (it’s not really dinner table talk in most houses, what should be done with a loved one’s body parts after death). Unless someone is truly dedicated to the ideals of organ donation, loved ones probably have no idea how someone would feel about having their organs donated.

So, in the end, our lack of organs rests upon an unwillingness to contemplate our own mortality, and simple apathy.

An opt-out system, though, would shift responsibility - it would be up to the deceased person to have made sure that everyone knew he did NOT want his organs taken.

It’s not about forcing people to donate their organs, its about changing the norms present within society to a state that, ultimately, will save lives. Like anything; a lot of people don’t care one whit about this issue - if they don’t give a damn either way, they may as well be used to help people.