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Canada: Home to Extreme Ecstasy and Ultra Weed

Okay; so they haven’t called it “Ultra weed” yet; but besides being a source of weed with THC counts that supposedly rival that of most “harder” drugs, Canada is supposedly exporting ”extreme ecstasy” to the US.

The RCMP have responded with, “WTF???”.

“Extreme Ecstasy” is ecstasy that has been laced with Meth. The RCMP know about such a drug. It’s been around for years; it’s just never gone by such a media-friendly name. The RCMP have been trying to figure out exactly why it is that the US drug czar has started this blitz about Canadian ecstasy now, of all times.

Some are theorizing that it’s because Canada’s moving to a harm-reduction model; where drug use is dealt with as a sickness instead of as a crime. Because of that, the US might feel like it’s being threatened; so it’s making sure that Canada knows it’s being watched. Doesn’t seem like too much of a jump - “Canada has ultra drugs” “Canadian drugs are making their way into the US” “Canadian laws need to be tougher, or we need to tighten the boarder”.

There’s talk that the reason the road to decriminalization for marijuana has been so rocky was due to US pressure. If the US police forces can shift enough responsibility away from the US; then it suddenly becomes Canada’s or Mexico’s problem that there’s such a drug problem in the US - it’s not because US drug policy is shit; it’s because OTHER countries aren’t “enlightened enough” to have such “smart” drug policy.