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Media to Pregnant Woman: *Shing*

… that Shing is a shank, or a shiv, being stuck into her back. (For the curious, a shank is a metal knife made from the steel shank of a shoe (safety boots tend to have them) whereas a shiv is a more generic specimen - a knife made of any metal scrap)

Basically, she placed an ad in “Weekend Shopper”; they then asked if they could take a photo of her to promote the product. She said sure. They asked this six month pregnant woman to lay on her belly on the bed. The photographer then coaxed her towards one of the bedposts.

Why you ask? Well, apparently one of her friends got her a gag gift.

According to the Mediawatch article, the “Weekly Shopper” was well aware that there were handcuffs in the photo… and they decided to do nothing about it.

I see no problem with what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home - but the vast majority of people have absolutely no interest in having details of what they do (or signs that indicate what they may do…) all over their community.

There’s no goal of journalism served here - it’s not even “mindless sensationalism”. This was just a cruel act by a bored editor and photographer, who wanted to do something because they figured they could get away with it. As for the woman? Apparently she’s spent a few days crying; and has had to change her phone number to stop the inquisitive calls.

I understand the media requires freedom; so as not to be silenced arbitrarily; but that freedom should be used carefully, and only when necessary - using the most powerful tool of the citizen, an unrestrained media, to get cheap laughs seems like using a sledge hammer with a push pin.