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Wordpress 2.5

Hey, someone’s put up a live demo account for the Wordpress 2.5 alpha.

Changes I noticed through a quick browse around was a WYSIWYG editor for posts and some changes to the dashboard (looks like you can use custom RSS feeds there; which is pretty awesome).

In case they delete the post, the username is admin, and the password is demo.

Obviously, the full range of admin functions are unavailable; but a good chunk of the day to day is.

Also remember; it’s still in alpha; so while there is a feature freeze in place; I imagine there’ll still be a fair number of changes going on (for myself, I’m hoping they do some admin interface UI polishing…)

EDIT: Oooh… you can edit permalinks of posts too, which is pretty neat Most painful missing feature: There doesn’t seem to be a way to mass edit tags (which replace labels in 2.5, it seems…)