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Batter Blaster

In the interest of having more food products in cans, may I present the “batter blaster”

CNET posted a video “taste test review”… basically they said that they’re decent. Interestingly, the Batter Blaster is organic; and the can is recyclable.

Apparently they’ve managed to put cookies and muffins into the Batter Blaster can as well; so I suppose that’s what we’ll see in the near future.

It’s only available in the western US right now. Apparently the price is comparable to home made pancakes (I saw a post somewhere that Costco is selling them at 3 cans for 10 bucks; and apparently you get like 20 pancakes from a tin).

If I wanted to eat pancakes before going off to class; I just might consider something like this - heat pan, add mix, consume. Of course, if I wanted pancakes on a weekend; I’d probably go and do it the old fashioned way (or from a regular mix).

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