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I lost my first victory post...

Ironic, I know. I’m also lazy, so here’s an email I just sent:

Like I said, access will be spotty for the next few days - as soon as you see my blog out of maintenance mode, you’ll know your DNS has changed over.

If you just can’t wait, you can configure yourself to use OpenDNS; the DNS addresses are “known correct” with that service.

If you don’t feel like messing with a bunch of settings, just wait a while, and all will right itself.

We had an issue with character encoding which we’re still playing with, however - you may want to lay off of posting new things for another day or so. In some cases, apostrophes were replaced with question marks in black diamonds. We’ve found a workaround; but basically any posts and comments you make tonight might be lost (I myself lost two posts, and two comments from caleb - sorry dude).

There also seems to be a bit of an issue with uploaded file URLs; the files you have uploaded are on the server, they’re just not exactly where they used to be, so some wordpress posts that link to uploaded files will have broken links (however a lot of them, inexplicably, seem to still be working). I regret to say that I don’t think we can come up with a clever fix for this. On the whole though; it seems to be a pretty limited problem (for example, in Jordan’s blog, all images seem to be working except for his recent shaved head pics. Pics in other posts seem to be working just great).

So, to sum up: Stuff’s working pretty good; one bump will be solved in the next 12-24 hours; the other bump looks to be pretty minor. Everything else looks to be working great.