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Sleeping Pills

I’ve long had trouble sleeping; I’ve sort of just figured that that was sort of how I was “wired”, but this last week has been particularly rocky, sleep-wise (most notably two nights ago, when after an exhausting week I went to sleep at 10:00, only to awaken at 1 AM and be unable to get back to sleep until 6 AM), so I decided to take more drastic measures.

I’ve completely avoided sleeping pills in the past, knowing that they seem to be habit forming, and using the argument, “why would I take some creepy chemical just to do something that I can do naturally?”

But, earlier this morning, I caved and picked up some sleeping pills.

You know what their active ingredient is? Diphenhydramine hydrochloride. You know what that is? Benadryl.

Turns out I’ve been taking sleeping pills for years and not even realizing it. Makes ‘em a lot less scary.