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School for Strippers

I’ve been trying to remember the details on this for a long time; so now it can enter my blog database.

The Saugeen residence of the University of Western Ontario is where the legendary stripping occurred.

As I remember it, some guys in a first year residence pitched in some cash to hire another resident to perform a strip show for someone’s birthday. The show took place in the residence. Everyone was above the age of majority, but when the pics hit the internet there was a bit of a firestorm over it - depending on where you saw it, it was degrading that a woman was allowed to perform, or it was atrocious that someone’s poor children were exposed to that smut, or it was horrible that such an alcohol and nakedness fueled event could occur.

Apparently the girl WAS aware that photos were being taken, and apparently she worked as a stripper over the summer.

Here’s the NSFW google picture search that should give you a pretty good idea of how the whole event went down. You can probably figure a girl has had some experience when she has her own slutty nurse costume.

Man… I would NOT want to be the don of that floor… shudder