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… make me less sad that I’m single.

“Rachel Marsden” supposedly was dating the founder of Wikipedia. When the founder (Jimmy Wales) was responding to alligations that he edited Marsden’s Wikipedia entry favorably because they were dating, he responded that they were not, in fact, dating, and that they had only met once.

Marsden is now selling Wales’ clothing on eBay, apparently as some sort of a revenge move.

She’s got a bit of a spotted history, though:

In 2004, she was given a conditional discharge for harassing a Vancouver radio host following their breakup.

In 1996, while a student at Simon Fraser University, Marsden accused her swim coach of sexual harassment. The coach was fired, then rehired when SFU admitted its investigation was flawed.

This coach was supposedly stalked as well; here’s an excerpt from an older article by Salon:

According to Donnelly, Marsden had been stalking him for years, making multiple hang-up calls and showing up at his home. Donnelly claimed that this behavior had begun as early as 1992 but had worsened over time. He alleged that by 1995, someone he believed to be Marsden had vandalized his car, strewn condoms in his driveway, posted graffiti advertising his number as a phone-sex line in campus bathrooms, subscribed to Playboy in his name, and left phone messages for him with a voice-altering machine. Donnelly later told the press: “She was everywhere. She would turn up at events where I was working. She was phoning me all the time … She admitted she bought a voice-altering machine. That was the one that scared me the most. It sounds like the devil.”

Yeah… situations like that scream “mentally stable” the same way that beating peaceful protesters with batons screams, “democracy”.

The Salon article actually has a whole bunch of examples of some crazy stuff she did.

So, not so bad to be single…