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Commentary on the World


It’s a bit of a dated video.

I wonder how much context affects answers to these questions.

For example, “Where is KFC from?” I’d say that you could take that two ways - it could have originated in Kentucky, sure, but I might just as easily take that question to mean where is it that KFC’s food comes from (in other words, where the suppliers are located).

I suppose the issue of context might also do with continuity - as you’re watching the video, you’re getting primed, thinking about facts about the world. These people were thinking about what to get for lunch, or what time the tour of the white house started. If someone walked up, put a camera and a mic in my face, and asked, “Where was the Berlin Wall?” I might not be able to come up with “Germany” instantly myself.

The part with the mislabeled map seemed very clever to me.