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The March of Technology...

…appears to be giving legitimicy to video games; as it did to rock music and boobs and violence in movies before it.

A US court ruled that the state had no right to “ticket” under-17 kids who buy “M” or “AO” games.

Basically, it held that merely demonstrating that video games are violent isn’t enough - proof that such games are detrimental to a kid is necessary in oder to impose legal sanctions.

The judge actually cited the bible and Macbeth as two very violent works that kids are allowed to engage with - if those are allowed (or even encouraged) then, if the violent presented to the child is th issue, then video games should likewise be allowed.

The decision is very much in line with previous decisions by the court. Unless concrete proof of “damage” can be shown, there’s no right to arbitrarily censor things from kids. I guess that’s what parents are for - to look out for the best interests of kids, according to their own morals. What a crazy thought…