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It's Time To Buy A New Bike Lock - It's Comin' Home!

As most of you know, right around Christmas, my bike was stolen.

Today, in this beautiful day, I went out of my last class around 2:30 and walked over to St. Jeromes to drop off an outline for english and then, to my amazement, I saw it! My own bike!


One problem - it’s locked up to a bike rack. With someone else’s lock. Damn.

So, I walk over, take off my front tire (I didn’t want anyone riding off with my bike!) and then I went into the STJ office to call the campus police. They informed me that the process is as follows: I call in the bike They put their OWN lock on the bike We wait a week, and see if someone reports their bike being locked up, OR the other lock disappears.
If, at the end of the week, no one has reported the bike as being their own, I call ‘em up and it’s mine. If, on the other hand, someone DOES report it, then we are both brought in and we have to prove who own the bike.

I’ve got the original receipt, manual, AND I called this exact bike in as stolen a few months ago. I’m not too worried.

So, the cops come by to lock up the bike, and I walk out to put my tire back on. After a brief misunderstanding (the cop thought that I was the one who may have stolen the bike); all was well.

Now, I just need to decide whether or not I should walk off with the front tire - last thing I want is to have it taken in thrown in a river or something.

But, yeah, I’m hyped - I never thought I’d see it again.

So, I’m going to have trouble bitching about STJ for a while - UWP lost me my bike, but I guess STJ helped me get it back. (Of course, it’s also possible that STJ is a den of theves, one of whom had originally stolen my bike… bastards).