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w00t iPod

Well… the beep alarm is still pretty much worthless because it’s so quiet, but now it’s worthless and sounds cool!

Hidden deep within the bowels of the iPod 6th Gen is a hidden folder called “iPod_Control”, and within this folder (bizarrely) is a non-hidden folder called “Tones”.

Contained within this Tones folder is a single .tone file. This is one of those strange features that seems only usable by hacking around a bit (similar to the Notes feature, which is anything but intuitive).

Basically, the .tone file is actually a text file that can be opened in Wordpad. This forum post explains things fairly well. The columns mean things like tone frequency and tone duration, so you can customize the tones.

Me being lazy looked through the rest of the comments, someone posted up a zip file with some tones already made. I would just point you in the direction of his post, but you need to be a member of the board to download files, so I’m just reposting it here.

So, now you too can be a weirdo and have Star Wars spill forth from your iPod’s alarm.