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Yes. Yes! YES! Thank You Microsoft!

Microsoft has just provided us with the ultimate argument against DRM.

Microsoft used to run “MSN Music”, a service which allowed you to download tracks. These tracks were then “authorized” to play on your particular computer, and on your particular operating system, by a central server. Up to 5 computers were “authorizable” at once.

Now, after MSN Music has died, they’re pulling the plug on those authorization servers; meaning that all of that DRM’d music will NEVER be able to be heard on a new PC.

So… you bought it, and now it will disappear as soon as your current PC goes kaput.

Tell me again, music industry, customers are stealing from YOU? If the music industry wants to use DRM, it should be required to release the tools to crack that DRM when the technology is no longer viable (or at least allow people to upgrade their music to the “newest DRM” for free).

For the analog version, this is like you putting all your stuff inside someone’s safe; then that person walked off and threw out the key.

So, it looks like we now have a definitive example of exactly what everyone knew would happen with DRM - a big company’s strategy fails, and all your music is down the tubes.