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Buying Motherboards Is a Pain in the Ass

I mean; come on. Just TRY buying a motherboard with specific features. It’s impossible.

I’m trying to keep my eyes open for a motherboard with a wack of SATA connectors, S-Video out, and Gigabit ethernet.

None of those are banner features; and pretty much everything else doesn’t matter to me - I’m not particularly attached to AMD or Intel, so it doesn’t matter what “socket type” a drive is; nor do I care exactly what kind of RAM a system uses.

In general, I’ve got to dig so damn deep into every bloody mobo for sale to try and see if it’s got the features i need. It’s a gigantic pain.

There’s no way to search for “boards with S-Video out”; and in general all the boards on sites selling them are arranged by socket type - which strikes me as more of an arbitrary division then anything else. Ultimately, I’m buying a motherboard for its features, right? Socket type is just ONE of many features.