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Okay… so… it’s been a while since I last posted (although, I’m posting sooner then Roborant, Danger, Caleb, Niamu, Stew, Tinglez, and Woo; so I shouldn’t feel too bad. THEY should feel bad. When you finish wiping away the tears, continue reading.)

Exams are now over; today I just got back 3/4 marks. Results this term are… reasonable. I did well. I was hoping for better in one class especially; but I think I had a reasonable performance.

I’m now living in Stratford, and working at the same place I worked last summer. I work there M-F, 8:30-4:30 (though, if you count the commute, I leave home at 8:00 and get back at 5:00).

I’m also taking two courses this summer - CS100 (I need a credit) and Greek Culture (I need a language credit). The CS100 is DE; I’m hoping to have all the labs for the entire course finished by the end of next week; and if they give us the assignments in advance my goal is to have those done inside of a month. The Greek Culture class is on campus in Waterloo. So, if you’re in Waterloo on Wednesdays, I’ll be bored and hungry from about 5:00 - 7:00. I might also end up staying over at my sister’s place in Waterloo some nights (she’s living in Stratford too; but where I’m working this summer is closer to Waterloo than Stratford is); so depending on how well rested and busy I am; I might be up for some evening stuff after class. Maybe I’ll make it to a Bomber Wednesday yet, haha.

Adding to the hellishness; I’m writing the LSAT in June. The LSAT is a major factor in whether or not you get into law school.

I’m also hoping to get a head start on my Senior Honours Thesis for Sociology. Not a whole lot; I just want to know exactly what my topic is and who my adviser is, so I can hit the ground running.

So: Job, courses, LSAT, Thesis. Those are the big things that need doing this summer. I’ll be so glad in June when the LSAT is over with; that’ll be one big giant thing off my plate.

So; busy summer, but I’m cautiously optimistic.