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Lying About A Conference On Social Enterprise

Man… new low.

Here’s the link to back up most of my info; but I’ll copy/paste here; just for ease.

So, I’m here at the Laurel Center’s “Social Entrepreneur Bootcamp”; and I’ll admit that it’s pretty interesting. Long, long days, but pretty interesting nonetheless. Our rooms sorta ticked me off right from the beginning; though.

Here’s what Laurel says our rooms will be:

  • Each room has a private bathroom, small fridge and microwave
  • Every room has its own individually controlled heating and air conditioning
  • You have access to the facilities at St. Paul’s, including a fitness room, laundry, games room, outdoor rooftop patio and dining facilities
  • Phones, high speed internet, and cable television are provided in each room
  • All linens and towels are supplied
  • The rooms are located in a controlled access building
  • All rooms are smoke free

And… uh…. wow. They ARE smoke free; and while the building is not access controlled; the floor is, and we DO have what seems to be an air conditioning unit. Everything else is a gigantic lie.

[gallery] THIS is what the rooms SHOULD look like (if that doesn’t work; the pics are on the site I linked to at the beginning). Nice! Double beds; nice looking covers, and you can even see the microwave and fridge! I’m not living in that sort of room.

Let’s do a point-by-point of what I got: - bathrooms shared by all participants (so… common floor bathrooms) - Small fridge? It’s either microscopic or non-existant - Microwave?!? Hah! - We DO have access to some common facilities… “dining facilities” seems pretty generous though. That, to me, implies a dining room with, you know, tables. We’ve basically got a campus rec room as our “dining facilities” - Oh; and one more thing - I’ve got a roommate.

I’m in a dingy traditional dorm style room! It’s extremely similar to REV, where I currently am.

I mean, hey, I’m OK with that, normally - I realize they’re on a limited budget and stuff; but don’t TELL ME I’ll have a private room with a fridge, microwave, bathroom, and then GIVE ME a REV room with SHARED EVERYTHING.

I mean, I almost brought milk and some microwaveable food!! I’d be throwing that out right now, just because they decided to lie to me.

Oh, and here’s some things I would’ve brought too - A housecoat, so I don’t need to streak across the hall after a shower with whatever sad-ass towel is in the room.

I also would’ve brought PAJAMAS! I figured I was in my own room, with clean sheets and all - leaving behind PJs saved me time and trouble packing for this thing. So; since I have A ROOMMATE; I’m basically going to be sleeping in the sweaty, dirty shirt I’ve been wearing all day.

Oh Bravo Laurel Center! Way to push for ethical business practices!

I’ll try and get pics; but this IS a REV quality room. Think of REV and you’ll know pretty well exactly what this place looks like. Institutional cinderblock walls; and wooden scraped and chipped up all the hell furniture (and, you know, that roommate).

And, just to up the awesome another 10%; my ROOMMATE has to do his work report. So he’ll be doing that. Most of the fucking night. Had I known THAT I would’ve brought one of those eye-covering-things and earplugs.

I mean, come on guys - do what you’ve gotta do; but TELL ME. You had my email address! You could have sent me an email at the last minute, to at least give me a heads up!