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Week In Review

So, my crazy-ass week is over now. Breathing and sleeping can now occur at regular intervals.

First up, Wednesday: Went to work all day, drove up to Waterloo for my first class of Roman Culture. On the way there, I had to drop into Fairview mall to pick up something for Mother’s day. After missing the exit on the 401 and driving for a half hour longer then I really had to, I ended up making it to Fairview and then to campus.
The prof is pretty awesome, so I think that’s going to make the course much, much, better.
Got home by about 10:30.

Thursday: Worked all day, went over to Waterloo. Met a very pretty girl, went to Marbles, walked through uptown, played some pool at Dooleys, then went and saw Iron Man.
I’ll do a post afterwords on this night specifically, I think. Need to study up on Danger’s posts, get some tips :P

Friday: Worked all day, then flew off to London for a 6-10 PM LSAT prep course.

Saturday and Sunday: LSAT prep course. It was definately long. I picked up a few tips. We did a mock LSAT test, I scored in the 85th percentile, which is considered a competitive score. With a few more marks I could crack 90, which would be a good score.

Monday: Drove to Waterloo from Stratford, to arrive at 8 AM. Did Laurel Center stuff all day. Day ended at 8:30. Left for Molly Blooms at 9:00. Drinking and revelry was had.

Tuesday: 8 AM - 8:30 PM doing Laurel Center stuff. Left for some bar uptown at 9:00. I talked during the night with a Miss World candidate (third article, with pic). Drinking and revelry was had.

Wednesday: Did Laurel Center stuff all day, then went straight from the Wine and Cheese to my Wednesday class. Class ended around 9:30; got home around 10:30.

Long, long week.