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Oh, And If You're Wondering...

I’ve been busy, yes, that’s one reason why posting has slowed.

The other is that I’m conflicted. Part of me is thinking, “You know what, you’ve got a pretty cool thing going on here - links that other people think are interesting, the odd issue being brought up. You know, taking what’s neat out in the world and commenting on it” - If that’s true; if I’ve really got something decent going on, maybe I should be taking off the blocking I do for Google and open this thing up a wee bit more.

But, if I do that, I won’t be comfortable at all discussing personal issues. I still feel like this is a pretty backwater slice of the internet, and that most anyone reading it probably knows me in person.

The thing is, every once in a while, I DO want to post on a more personal topic. So, I think to myself, what if I started a SECOND blog, with registration required to read it, that would just be available to people I know. This place could become a bit more open and public, and the “secondary blog” could become more personal. However, that’d be a gigantic pain in the ass for everybody, just to see my personal belly aching.

So… not sure what to do, I’m leaning towards “Just leave it as is”; but having that debate going on is distracting nonetheless (sort of like when you’re enrolled in a course, but you think you’re going to drop it. So long as you’re deciding, you really aren’t doing any work in the course).