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Something As Good As Advertised? Crazy!

But, I think I managed to purchase just that.

The Aeropress Coffee Maker is awesome.

Made by the same guys who make Frisbees; it’s a bit strange that they’re also in the coffee-maker business - but this is no ordinary coffee maker.

The core of the machine is something that basically looks like a giant syringe, except without a point or needle at the end, what you’ve got is a coffee filter. You put your grounds into the syringe, with a bit of water, and then push the water through.

You know what? Just watch this youtube video:

What you get, at the end of the process, is a “coffee concentrate”. This concentrate is magical.

Supposedly, you can use it just like espresso - so as a shot, lattes… other coffee products…

Add some boiling water to the concentrate and BAM! Full cup of awesome coffee. I don’t even bother with sugar - there’s none of the bitterness that I’m used to finding in coffee. Sometimes I put in a little milk; but it’s hardly a necessity.

Where I find the coffee concentrate really ups the awesome ante is that it’s all “micro filtered” and is a pretty stable substance (no coffee bits sitting at the bottom of the container). I’ve been putting a few “shots” into a container and taking it to work with me. When I want some coffee, I pull it out of the refrigerator, add some boiling water, and I’ve got great coffee.

This process DOES take a lot of grounds to make a single cup - I figure it takes about twice as much as traditional “drip style”, but it’s faster to make, faster to clean up, tastes better, and is a heck of a lot cheaper then Tim Hortons or Starbucks (and I’d say that the coffee is on-par or better than either of those).

I picked mine up in London for about $30 and it came with a year’s supply of filters. Another year’s supply would set you back a whopping $5 (drip style filters cost more than that!)