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Bully Me Into Buying Something?

Yeah… that’ll work…

Him: “Hi, I’m from AutoTech down on Mornington, ever driven past there?” Me: “Yeah, probably” H: “Well, they want to get some new business so I’m going around giving out free oil changes” “Oh… OK” H: “Are you the driver of the house?” M: “I drive, yes” H: “Do you get the oil changed in your car?” M: “Yes” H: “How much do you usually pay?” M: “Not sure” H: “Well, I’m selling four oil changes for…..(he goes on)” Hands me pamphlet M: “Okay, well, can I take this?” (thinking it was just information) H: “Well, that’s actually what I’m selling, ha ha” M: “I’m not really all that interested” H: “Don’t you like saving money?” <– Right around here he starts to just pour on the tough sell M: “I don’t buy things at the door; if I go down there and they offer it to me I might pick it up” H: “What, don’t you trust me?” M: “Have a good night”

He laughs and rolls his eyes as I close the door.

Who does that crap work on? I made it quite clear I wasn’t interested. At that point, he was wasting his time, my time, and my good will.

The right answer to, “I’m not really that interested” is, “Well sir, here’s a pamphlet. You’ll find my business card paper clipped inside. Give me a call if you change your mind. Have a great night!”

And hey - maybe I don’t want his services, but when I’m at work and someone says, “Man, I need to get my oil changed tonight”, maybe I pass his name along. At the very least, he’d have left me NEUTRAL, and I wouldn’t have written a blog post about how much of an idiot he is and how shifty a company AutoTech must be.