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I'm Sorry; I Didn't Quite Hear That..

…There must’ve been something stupid in my ear.

Man… you can’t even make this shit up:

UW’s residences and UW Graphics have announced the launch of an online icebreaker “” “a new web-based initiative designed to help residents feel connected before they move in”. Explains Kerri Birtch, marketing coordinator for housing and residences: “The ResiDance allows users to upload a photo of their face to one of six different ResiDancers. Users can dance solo, or even upload a roommate and dance together. Users are also able to forward their ResiDance to a friend and invite them to submit their own dance. All dances will be stored in a public gallery for viewing. Once incoming residents receive their room assignments in July, they will also be able to upload their photo to their specific assigned residence gallery and view their future fellow residents. These dancers are proof that no matter who you are or how you dance - UW Residences is the right FIT for everyone.” She adds that “exciting promotional events” are on the calendar for next week, as students begin to make their residence commitments (the preference form goes live on the web tomorrow morning).

(From The Daily Bulletin)

Here’s a picture of their logo.

It looks like something the Disney Company puked up for pre-pubescent girls.

What’s the furthest thing from being “hip with new media”? TRYING to be “hip with new media”.

I don’t like relying on Facebook as a “community crutch”; but now, today, that’s where UW ought to be. Make a Facebook widget; then make an OpenSocial widget. BAM - you’ve just integrated yourself into 95% of the already-existing social networks, where every university student is already.