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Automated Aeropress

This product looks to be the automated version of my lovely Aeropress, which I made a post on a few days ago:

It creates a vacuum, whereas the Aeropress uses positive pressure - but the process seems remarkably similar; just that the Aeropress is an extremely stripped-down version.

Apparently, the Clover is something that people are going wild over. Starbucks actually purchased the company that makes it in March, so expect $11,000 machines that make coffee one cup at a time to become more popular.

EDIT: found a halfway decent description of the process:

The brewing happens in a steel brew cylinder that sits atop a piston. When the brewing process starts, the piston moves to its lowest position and a drain valve at the bottom of the machine closes. After the coffee steeps, an actuator forces the piston to rise with the used grounds held by a perforated mesh screen, almost like a French press in reverse. When it does this while the drain valve is closed, a vacuum is created that draws down the brewed coffee. The piston descends again, the drain valve opens and the coffee enters the waiting cup.

-Source So, very similar to the aeropress (I’d wager the coffee can’t tell the difference between mechanically produced positive pressure, and environmentally provided positive pressure (by creating a vacuum below)