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My Fear Of Dancing Is Now Linked With My Fear Of Killing Someone

So… this girl that I’ve got a big crush on (bathroom girl) has apparently come back from Montreal with an affinity for swing dancing. Specifically the Lindy Hop; a reference to Charles Lindenberg’s historic flight, apparently. I can only assume that that reference was chosen because such activities SHOULD ONLY LEAD TO NEAR CERTAIN DEATH OR INJURY!


My thoughts:

0-35 seconds: Okay… this isn’t too bad… I could maybe handle this…
-36 seconds: What happened to their feet? They’re moving independently of their bodies!
-46 seconds: at about that exact second, I would’ve snapped her neck. The rest of the video would’ve had about an equal amount of shouting… it just would’ve included her being dragged out by the paramedics.

The rest of the video is the dancers continuing to be spectacular. It’s like watching the Snowbirds areal acrobatics - except these people don’t have ejection seats. Then at the end they all get on the floor TOGETHER. At any moment I’m expecting some poor girl to get tossed into the band.

Man… I feel like while she was at Montreal she levelled up. It’s like I’ve gotta do some major grinding)… before I can do some major grinding)…