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After some big Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit, the compensation for University Presidents is now coming out!

Before, all they had to do was disclose the raw numbers for anyone over $100,000 (like every other public sector employee). Now they’re disclosing some of the more juicy bits. Full article from the Globe.

Here’s my favourite one:

“People with this kind of talent and skill set are not easily available,” said Colum Bastable, chair of the board of governors of Hamilton’s McMaster University, which has taken the most heat for its promise to pay its president $1.4-million in annual instalments of $99,999 after he retires in 2010.

$100,000 is the magical reporting number. Oh, and that’s apparently IN ADDITION to his 6-figure pension. That’s real nice of a publicly funded institution.

Apparently paid leaves after they’re done their term as President is common as well - it used to be that they’d use that time to do some research and get back in the academic game. Now, though, a lot of presidents aren’t even from academia, so the “no strings attached” leaves are just a gigantic perk.

No word yet on what UW’s paying Davie.