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Dear Apple: Eat Shit And Die I'm Disappointed

So I was browsing through my Control Panel one day, as we all often do, and what do I see?

Why, an icon nestled snugly between “mail” and “mouse” - “MobileMe Preferences”.

Now, I don’t have a MobileMe account, I will never have a MobileMe account, and I would have NEVER installed 43 MB worth of software in order to take advantage OF a MobileMe Account.

Where could this horrid thing have come from? Surely virus writers are out there, perhaps the same ones who steal credit card numbers and share child pornography, adding such horrible software to the desktops of poor, defenseless windows users.

Nope. A quick search confirms it. This little bag of horse shit was deposited into my system by Apple itself, when I made the mistake of deciding to run the most up-to-date version of iTunes.

Apparently even uninstalling iTunes won’t rid you of the crapfest that is MobileMe - instead you need to uninstall the cryptically-named “Apple Mobile Device Support” program.

Fuck you, Apple. “The company that’s different” is pulling stuff that no legitimate piece of software has done for years. Heck, nowadays most freeware even asks you for permission before filling your system up with junk adware.

First you want to “update safari” (which I never had installed in the first place), and now this? You’re burning through goodwill fast. The “superior iTunes experience” is starting to look a lot like a noose and vendor lock in.

EDIT: Wonderful. Now I can’t get my iPod to sync.

EDIT EDIT: Phew! Looks like (fingers crossed) things are back to OK now - I found the iPod listed in the device manager and told Windows to reinstall the drivers. So far so good. Is the problem related to me pulling out “MobileMe”? I dunno, but it seems like an awfully big coincidence otherwise…