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Esquire eInk Coverpage

Apparently Esquire Magazine will get an eInk cover page. The technology is similar to that used in the Kindle (that Ebook reader from Amazon). What makes digital ink so cool is that it’s readable in full sunlight and it only takes power to change the display - so long as it’s showing static text there’s no electricity cost.

I’m still trying to figure out if it’ll be hackable and upgradeable - apparently some eInk products aren’t “fully addressable”, so you can’t talk to specific pixels.

BoingBoing has a bit more information on it - the issue will be regularly-priced thanks to some Ford advertising.

I think this is a really cool idea - though some others disagree. “” thinks this is yet another horrible idea from a wasteful society (they actually used the title “Esquire eInk Abuse Exposed” - I figured they were going to show how the cover would have secret child porn or something…).

What really left me sputtering was when they said that Esquire had spent six figures developing a paper-thin battery. Then they asked, “And what else are paper-thin batteries good for?” - and they weren’t being sarcastic.

Paper thin batteries are the holy grail! The battery accounts for a HUGE chunk of the weight and bulk of every mobile device on the planet! Paper thin batteries ARE THE FUTURE of mobility - display, input, and power are the three things that make devices bulky, expensive, and at times difficult to use.

Make batteries smaller and displays more power-efficient and you’ve made a great leap in mobility.

“Treehugger” might know a lot about the art of romancing wood, but they seem to be uninformed about technology.