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Ugh... Don't Go To The US Anymore, It's Not Nice There...

US Boarder Guards were just handed the authority to inspect, confiscate, and copy any electronic device they damn well please, for any period they feel like. That information can then be passed on to any number of government organizations. But don’t worry, if you weren’t ACTUALLY doing anything wrong, they’re supposed to delete that information (they just don’t give you a timeline for that, or any way to verify that it’s actually been done…).

What ISN’T mentioned in the article that I’d like to know about is whether or not they can compel you to unlock security on your system.

If I were a business traveler I’d have serious misgivings about going into the US nowadays - I might trust the IRS with my company’s financial records, but some idiot working the boarder? If the wrong info got out, it could sink a company.

What about a doctor? If Britney Spears’ doctor crossed through the boarder, you think that boarder guard wouldn’t be tempted to sell that information to the highest tabloid bidder?

Strong encryption is becoming more important every day. I know if I were crossing the boarder I’d lock my stuff down as much as possible.