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WHY? Why would you do THIS to the internet? What’d the internet ever do to you?

LOOK AT THIS TRASH! (I’m not trying to pick on Ms. Sim in particular - I think they’re all like that. I’m just too afraid to look)

I mentioned this before, before they launched the site (while the internet still had hope). Back then I thought I had something stupid in my ear.

Of course, back then, I thought that it’d be Facebook with dancing. The reality, however, is much more horrible. The ONLY thing is the dances! THAT’S ALL THERE IS!

People choose one of six “dances”, slap their name on it, and then it ends up on one of those gigantor lists, seperated by building. That’s fun… you’re on a list along with 1000 other people sorted only by name. Awesomesauce.

No list of hobbies, no information on when you like to wake up, hell, not even your MAJOR can be listed! So… they’ve got a retarded photo of you and that’s IT!

How does this “build community” - even CONCEPTUALLY I don’t know how it makes sense.

The most favorable way I can think if it is as a complete misunderstanding of the internet. They thought they needed a bit of Facebook (“Oh, a picture, that’s all Facebook really is”) a bit of YouTube, (“All those kids are always watching people dance! Let’s do that!”) and a bit of Hanna Montana (“We’re stupid and watch too much Disney!”).

Let’s take what they did and put it in analog terms: Take a picture of yourself. Write a number 1-6 on it. Throw it in a gigantic black bag. Then the Housing and Residence department places the black bag in a back office somewhere on campus. They constantly mention the black bag, tell people how awesome the black bag is, invite them to see the black bag. Then they claim that having a black bag that people can root through creates community.

NEWSFLASH: Just because you do something stupid and put it on the internet doesn’t make it less stupid.

Oh, and obviously incoming first years agree with me - COUNTING DUPLICATES there are 450 monstrosities uploaded. There’re probably 5000 people in residence this year. That gives you an uptake of, at max, 10%. Just look at the first page of the gallery though - I see three duplicates on a page of 9.

EDIT: I just realized there’s a song. They PAID FOR A SONG. And some people just don’t get it (note the whole body picture… placed where the head ought to be). I think that just points to bad instructions.

EDIT2: All of a sudden this want ad back in April makes more sense.