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Velocity, in Chat:

[18:08:07] plates> so Binks, what did you have to do to get into Velocity? What is your brain blowing idea for the future of business? Was it all it was hyped up to be? [18:09:10] moogog> He paid me money [18:11:07] plates> where are you livin? [18:15:06] Bravado> moogog is his boss [18:15:11] Bravado> almost feel bad for the guy [18:15:29] plates> at resnet? [18:17:09] Bravado> moogog will be his don [18:17:12] Bravado> over at velocityland [18:19:36] Binks> plates - last I heard, they had 70 applicants for 70 spaces in the first round; then they had at least one more round after that [18:19:53] Binks> mostly I filled out paperwork and did an interview or two [18:20:12] Binks> There was a bunch of paperwork… [18:20:40] Binks> I think that’s why they had few applicants (Ed: The paperwork caused so few applications). I think they’re hoping that they’ll get a few groups in there, get something halfway neat built that they can put out on campus, and then market the crap out of it [18:20:55] Binks> the renovations to the building aren’t even done and they’ve already had two photo shoots for velocity students [18:22:46] Binks> so, I guess I’m feeling guarded optimism about the whole thing [18:25:29] Binks> I’m most concerned about the full-time dude they hired to oversee the whole thing - and the fact that they’ve really just plain stopped telling us things [18:26:03] Binks> if the guy they hired full-time is a pain, or gets bored and just runs around bugging people, it could turn into a very frustrating year [18:27:16] Binks> and, there’s always stuff like they’re conference - which they just gave us the dates for like a week ago. I’ve already committed to doing stuff for Frosh week. I committed to that months ago [18:27:34] Binks> I hope I can make it out to it, just the same [18:27:39] Binks> eh… everyone’s gone :(

They really have seemed to have stopped telling us things. They never really told us much; that’s true; but for a while there there were a few announcements and inquiries going back and forth. They seemed to be participating on the Google Groups board now and again. For the last few months it’s been radio silence. The only thing they’ve done is tell us move in dates and the date for the conference. We don’t even have a basic itinerary for this conference - a day and a half long, commencing in about two weeks, and we have no idea what this thing is even for!

EDIT: Turns out the names from the chat didn’t come through properly - they should be there now.