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Need Objectiveness

Go watch this right now - Don’t read the text around the video on the linked-to page either. Don’t worry, it’s nothing nasty (at least I don’t think it is… I haven’t heard the audio yet). There’s no jumping out at the end and it’s not a rickroll, I promise.

Okay, watched the video? Here’s another sample, which shows it more clearly.

So, has Emily lept across the uncanny valley? I’m not the best one to judge - I knew it was fake before I actually saw it. Personally, it seemed like the left-hand side of her mouth was sort of… pulled out or something. I wonder too if the actress isn’t hamming it up a bit - her head seemed to be moving around a lot and was a bit unnatural that way (but was maybe trying to show the “face trackability”.

I found the second sample I linked to to be downright creepy when they got to some of the end faces. It was OK when it was just talking - but when showing emotions, I could see where it was TRYING to get to, but it just plain didn’t look right. The face looked waxy and it didn’t “crinkle” the way a proper face should.

I think, though, that there’s generally a realization in the video game industry that we’re starting to get to “uncanny valley” territory. Witness TF2 and that new free EA wargame that’s coming out - they’re doing a stylized version of people that is, while very impressive, not very similar to human beings at all.

Hmmm… thoughts are a bit jumbled… doing this at work while I should be working… I’m sure when I get some comments and some time I can respond somewhat rationally.