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Canadian Pokemon Champion

According to these people there was a competition recently in Florida with a rather substantial pot (First prize was a $7,500 scholarship). The top performing Canadian finished second. This isn’t what surprises me. What surprises me is that the kid is 11 years old - the Pokemon Trading Card Game first hit North American shores in December of 1998! That means that this kid actually picked the game up after it was downright ancient by schoolyard standards.

So, I’ve got to ask - are people still actively playing this game? To be honest, I sort of figured that the very few players who were in the “I legitimately enjoy this game” category so many years ago would’ve moved on to Magic - The Gathering or some other card-based game.

The fundamental problem I see with the games is the same sort of problem you’ve got with currency. All the paper costs the exact same amount; a $50 and a $5 cost the same money to print up. The only reason one is worth more then another is because the government has declared it so, so that the economy can keep running. When it comes to card games, it’s because Hasbro or some other toy company has decided, “Yeah… this one’s $50… it does a bijilion damage. This one’s $5. It shits on itself and then faints”. Any game in which the person who pays the most wins only measures ones level of obsession and paycheque; and I’m not prepared to compete in either category.

If I walked onto a schoolyard today, before I was tackled for being a pedophile, would I see kids playing with Pokemon cards?