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Fair Enough, Wired

(though it’s actually an AP story - which makes more sense…)

Just saw an article on Apple fanboyism. I thought it was pretty even-keeled.

Starts to make you wonder about tech “journalism” though. In so many ways it feels really infantile. People, especially reviewers, are so caught up in certain brands and ways of doing things, they shouldn’t even pretend to be impartial, but every day we see “definitive reviews” on products.

Take it another way. We’d never accept objective financial information on a company from a stockholder of that company, and we should never be OK with election coverage where the CBC reporter first flashes his Liberal Party membership card, then proceeds to report on Stephen Harper. Heck, we wouldn’t ask someone who’s only driven Ford trucks all their life what they think of the Prius or the Smart Car either.

The editor for the New York Times claims that he doesn’t vote; in fact he claims that he doesn’t even vote in his head - he feels that in order for him to maintain objectivity he needs to keep everything at arm’s length. Now, I’m not suggesting that editors for these publications not use computers at home and day to day in the office, that’s just not an option. But I’d wager most editors are like most people, they have massively more experience with particular hardware, particular software, and particular operating systems. How about having the editor switch from Windows, to Mac, to Linux every quarter to make sure they’re keeping up-to-date and have experience in all major platforms?

If anyone should be “tech agnostic” it’s the people who we trust to report on tech.