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Velocity Day 1

The twitputer is no more - there “have been complaints”. When pressed, the don suggested “fire hazard”. Ok, fine, whatever - but it would’ve been very nice if they’d given me an alternate location for it. I don’t think this came from the don, and I can see a potential issue, but if someone knows that that’s a fire hazard, they probably know what is NOT a fire hazard and could’ve helped me out. I thought that was the fucking point - put out ideas, get feedback, solve problems.

Also, tons of people are having trouble with the internet. Looks like resnet failed to reset the ports, so everyone’s connections are dead because they’re all associated with the LAST resident who lived there.

Also the washroom labelled “Women’s”, which we re-labeled “Men’s” (being an ALL GUY FLOOR) has been changed back to “Women’s”. Sure, they took out the tampon receptacle and were OK with it for a week, and sure it will “almost certainly” be turned INTO a Men’s washroom - but apparently we can’t just put up clearly-marked signage and have complete agreement with everyone on the floor about why it’s a good idea. I guess we need someone with “Official sign changing +3” power.

Also, no phones this term - even though the website clearly stated that there would be one. Nice one.

Also, while they asked students to beta-test this new “online community” software for the Velocity Student site, they actually just wasted the student’s time, since they’re throwing all that out and going with Sharepoint since Microsoft gave them the license or something. Also the Sharepoint site isn’t working, since there are “Licensing issues”.

And hey! Renovations are still ongoing! No common spaces! We had our first meeting on the front steps of the building. Wonder if I should ask for a refund, since I figured I’d be in a building WITH some common spaces.

I’m probably tired out from orientation week, but I’m really fucking pissed. Day 1 they basically gave the finger to the whole concept of having the students take ownership of the residence and really turn it into a cool, creative, place.

On the plus side, I’m starting to lose my feeling of guilt about not being able to properly contribute. The bottom line is that my contract with them is for housing, they can’t make me do shit. The idea was to have motivated, creative students here - and I tried that. Didn’t work out so well. It’s a simple idea - I did something, you said that wasn’t OK. That’s fine, I know I can’t do anything I want, and I know a lot of this isn’t coming from the don alone - but GIVE ME A REASONABLE ALTERNATIVE.

Students are living here TODAY. They want to use the internet TODAY. They want to go to the bathroom TODAY. Changing a sign or resetting ports is simple and should’ve been done months ago.