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I’m sure I’ve linked to Seth’s blog before; he’s a marketing guru with the heart of a philosopher. His recent post struck me as being, as the kids say it, “Pretty Awesome”. Very short, here’s a clip:

In high school, I coached the school quiz bowl team. We made it to the finals. The last question was to name the first man-made satellite. Our team buzzed in and said “Sputnik” to win the city championships. Of course, we didn’t win, because the host said we were wrong. The right answer, he said, was “Sputnik 1”.

Here’s the link to the other 4 paragraphs.

I’d much rather be accurate then precise.

(Accurate: A useful representation of the world) (Precise: A specific definition of something in the world)

(Although Google claims that precise also means, “a unique pseudorandom noise code transmitted by each GPS satellite in the system (reserved mainly for military-grade receivers).”. This is a precise definition, but likely not an accurate one… at least not for normal people…)