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If You Use iTunes on a Windows PC...

… get iTSfv.

It basically has everything a power-user expects iTunes to have.

For example, iTunes stores all rating and playcount information in their own proprietary little file with absolute links to your music - if that file gets hosed, or if your music changes its location, you’re just screwed, you’ll not be able to get your ratings and playcount back. iTSfv can write your playcount and ratings to the IDv3 tags of the individual MP3s - so all of a sudden the MP3 file itself knows how much you like it. This is awesome, and is a major load off my mind, since I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to rate my music so that smart playlists can be useful.

That’s just one feature that it’s got - it can do a whole ton of neat stuff to manage and standardize your music library, solving my biggest complaints about iTunes limitations.